Project : 233 new steam fracked wells outside Los Alamos

Write an email to Matt Young, Santa Barbara County Planning and Development, Energy and Minerals division to voice your views about what should be considered in the Environmental Impact Report for this proposed project. Click here for email link. Click here for email copy. Read the full text of the Notice of Preparation here

Summary: About 4.5 miles north west of the town of Los Alamos, ERG, a company that declared bankruptcy in the spring of 2015, submitted a plan to develop and operate 233 new steam fracking (“thermally enhanced” or “cyclic steaming” or “steam flooding”) production wells as shallow as 2,000’, and to reactivate 4 old steam generators. This is in addition to the 314 new wells and up to 15 steam generators that their lease already permits, as well as an additional 500 active or idle wells. 

The project will Increase emissions and disturb native vegetation, as well as possible cultural/historic resources. “A key issue of the Project is the potential for cyclic steam enhanced recovery to cause new oil seeps or leaks within old wells where the casing or seals are unable to sustain the injection pressures.” It is estimated that up to 174 trucks each day will be added to our roads. There is also the risk of fire and accidental release of hazardous materials. Nearby ground water is at risk for contamination, and “in addition, fresh aquifers could be contaminated if steep injection results in steam-oil-water mixtures following geologic pathways or leak from damaged oil well casings and seals.”