This year, oil companies hope to double the number of steam fracking wells currently in operation in our county. 760 New Steam Fracking Wells are in line to be heard by our Planning Commission this year, ERG (233 wells), AERA (296 wells), and PetroRock (230 wells). Hundreds of acres will be graded, millions of cubic yards of earth will be moved, and thousands of oak trees will be clear cut in preparation for these new wells. In Cat Canyon there are many private homes and ranches and vineyards. The wells will be drilled through aquifers that are being used for drinking water and irrigation. Cancer causing, hormone disrupting, and tissue damaging gases like hydrogen sulfide will be emitted into the local environment. Thousands of tons of new GHG emissions will be released, contributing to climate change. Stay tuned and join us to help fight these projects which threaten our environment, our air, and our water. More project info: