Help us stop 750+ new oil wells, north of Los Alamos and east of Santa Maria. 

Dear Santa Barbara County Supervisors,

I urge Santa Barbara County to deny the three oil projects, totaling 750 new wells, proposed by ERG, AERA, and Petro Rock. These projects would drill through Santa Maria Groundwater Basin, the largest aquifer in the county, and use cyclic steam injection, which causes 4x as much air pollution as traditional drilling, and has a very high well casing failure and spill rate. These projects will turn water into toxic waste, which can contaminate local water and is difficult to dispose of safely, threaten endangered species, and would involve clear-cutting 500 mature oak trees. To read more about the projects, click here.

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Dan Halperin
Rick Cassidy
Wilson Wilson
Jennifer Niccoli
Russ Mineau
Ira West
Rick Thonto
George Monreal
Brandon Selken
Joslynn Tidwell
Melissa Evans
Joshua Brand
Wesley Van Der Linden
Heather Traylor
Darrell Reasner
Ted Isaacson
Edward Hernandez
Phil Merritt
Jim Martin
Gloria Lopez
Lorraine Ortiz
Donna Olivera
Gracie Hess
Julie Gavino
Raymond Segura
Barbara Rodriguez
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